Rear view Camera-Set in AHD quality

CRV 7091 AHD Set (*EOL)

Analog High Definition Color Camera-Set with 7 inch digital high resolution LCD Monitor for mobile safety application and high Resolution 1/3"CMOS Color Camera

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  • description

    AnalogHighDefinition (AHD)

    By using the AHD Technology video data as well as audio signals can be transmitted via a regular coax cable over long distances without any latencies and losses. Our new AHD Camera set will provide you a mobile camera application in 720p HD quality – become impressed by the new image quality. The Advantage of this solution is on one hand the high resolution of the image, the better performance at night and on the other hand that you can even use existing camera cables – this saves costs if you want to upgrade your system to this new technology.


    Monitor CRV 7091 M:

    • 7 inch digital high resolution LCD Monitor for mobile safety application
    • Capacitive Touch Key
    • High resolution: 1024 (H) × 3 (RGB) × 600 (V) Pixel
    • High brightness: 500 cd/m2
    • Vibration: 7G
    • Free input voltage: DC 10-32 V
    • Operation Temperature: -30°C bis +75°C
    • Water resistance IP65
    • 2 Camera-Inputs, compatible for AHD and analogue cameras
    • Parking Distance marker setting available
    • Auto PAL/NTSC
    • Auto Day/Night detection
    • Auto Picture Display
    • Vandal Resistance (Plastic housing)
    • Built-in Speaker

    Camera DBC 1140235 AHD:

    • High Resolution 1/3"CMOS Color Camera
    • High Resolution: 1.3 Megapixel / AHD
    • Angle of view: 150°
    • 0 Lux, good performance at low light
    • Light Control by Ambience Luminance
    • Optical Axis correction
    • Normal/Mirror image switching
    • Vibration: 10 G

    *Discontinued product - This product is no longer available.

  • specifications


    Resolution 1024 (H) × 3 (RGB) × 600 (V) Pixel
    Brightness 500 cd/m2
    Vibration 7 G
    Free input voltage DC 10-32 V
    Operation Temperature -30°C bis +75°C
    Protection class IP 65
    Camera-Inputs 2
    Guide-Lines yes
    Speaker yes
    Video PAL/NTSC



    Resolution 1.3 Megapixel / AHD
    Viewing angle 150°
    Vibration 10 G
    Shock resistent 100 G
    Microphone yes
    Heating yes
    Operation temperature -40°C bis +85°C
    Protection class IP 69 K
  • shipment
    • CRV 7091 M - Monitor
    • Cable cord
    • DBC 1140235 AHD - Camera
    • 20 m connection cable for camera
Technical changes and errors excepted.