Interface for rear view camera input coding + TV activation for Dodge, Jeep, RAM with Uconnect 8.4AN/RA4 and 8.4A/RA3, 5.0/RA2 and 52 pin connector


The intelligent interface RI-UCON52 enables the simple connection of a rear view camera to the original factory system of the car manufacturer. The necessary coding of the rear view camera input can be done by the interface. The TV-activation is included.

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  • description
    • Plug and Play interface
    • Integration into the plant infotainment
    • Rear view camera input (+ coding)
    • Rear camera power supply output (+12V max. 500mA)
    • Activation of picture playback while driving (TV activation)
    • Automatic switching to rear view camera input when reverse gear is engaged
    • USB update port for software updates by the end user

    *Discontinued product - This product is no longer available.

  • specifications
    Working current <2mA
    Rated current ~60mA
    Power consumption ~0,08W
    Voltage working range 6.0V up to 14.8V
    Operation temperature -30°C up to +80°C
    Weight 44 g
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 70 x 20 x 47mm
  • shipment
    • CAN-box
    • Plug & Play cable kit
    • Instruction manual
  • compatibility

    Jeep with Uconnect 8.4AN/RA4 and 8.4A/RA3 & 5.0/RA2:

    • Cherokee, Grand Cherokee model years 2014- and
    • other vehicles with All-in-One Head-Unit
Technical changes and errors excepted.