mObridge DA-G2.Standard MOST150 Mercedes

The mObridge DA-G2.Standard MOST150 pre-amplifier provides a connection between the in-vehicle MOST150 system with any aftermarket analog/digital DSP/amplifier.

It provides 10 channels of RCA analog outputs, a TOSLINK output, and an amplifier turn on/off control. Multi-vehicle compatibility is provided via DIP switches, and a USB connection can be used to connect it to the mObridge DSP user interface for configuration and firmware updates.

The DA-G2.Standard MOST150 does not contain advanced DSP controls beyond what the vehicle provides, such as bass, treble, fade, and balance. For a complete DSP solution, with advanced DSP algorithms, the DA-G2.Pro MOST150 can be used. Where only basic TOSLINK outputs are required, the DA-G2.Entry MOST150 can be used.

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  • description

    The DA-G2.Standard MOST150 has been specifically designed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles to interface seamlessly into the vehicle bus network for unprecedented control and audio reproduction.

    Blackfin DSP

    The heart of the device is a 533MHz Blackfin Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The DA-G2.Standard MOST150 allows for channel summing, channel mapping and mono channel volume controls only. It does not contain any advanced DSP processing beyond what the vehicle controls provide such as bass, treble, balance and fade etc.


    The pre-amp stage is driven by a Burr Brown DAC converter, providing an audiophile quality without compromise.

    Seamless Integration

    The DA-G2.Standard MOST150 interfaces seamlessly with the controls of the vehicle. Volume, fade, balance, bass, and treble remain completely controllable via the existing vehicle controls, and all factory audio such as parking sensors, navigation, voice, and telephone are integrated to behave exactly as per the original system. This means that unlike other integration options, there is no need for mounting of any additional controls inside the vehicle. The vehicle will look and feel stock, with exceptional audio quality.

    mObridge DSP User Interface

    The DA-G2.Standard MOST150 utilizes the mObridge DSP desktop application for Windows/macOS to harness the full potential of the DSP. The application is also able to provide automatic online firmware updates.

    Windows/macOS: mObridge DSP application

    Note: This product is only compatible with Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with MOST150 audio systems.

  • specifications

    Analog Outputs

    • 10 channels RCA full-range
    • 4V RMS
    • 192kHz Sampling 24-bit digital to analog converter (DAC)

    Digital TOSLINK Output

    • Stereo TOSLINK output

    Vehicle Interface

    • Support for volume/fade/balance on factory radio and/or steering wheel
    • Support for all factory-fitted audio sources (eg telephone/navigation/voice recognition/television/dvd)
    • Support for reverse park sensor audio overlay
    • Support for factory multi-band equalizer
  • shipment
    • MOST ‘T’ piece harness
    • Wiring harness
    • 8x RCA plug adapter
    • Female 2+0 MOST connector for harness extension
    • Male 2+0 shell for harness extension
    • MOST150 install booklet
    • DA-G2.Standard MOST150 instructions
  • compatibility

    For complete application details please visit:

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