TV-Free/video-in-motion interface for Audi, VW and Skoda with MIB High navigation systems and Porsche with PCM4 navigation system during the drive.

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  • description

    Interface for video-in-motion for example mp3-menus, dvd-players and rear-view cameras.

  • specifications
    Operation voltage 10.5 – 14.8V
    Stand-by power drain <2mA
    Operation power drain ~60mA
    Power consumption ~0,08W
    Temperature range -30°C to +80°C
    Weight 44g
    Dimensions(box only) W x H x D 76 x 27 x 54 mm
  • shipment
    • Interface-box TV-500
    • Connection cable TV-VAG01
    • Instruction manual
  • compatibility

    For Audi, Skoda and VW vehicles with MIB High navigation systems (Audi Navi Plus, Skoda Columbus, VW Discovery Pro) with 8" monitor.


    Plugged in amongst others:

    • AUDI A3 (8V)
    • AUDI A6 since ca. 11/2014 with MIB2
    • SKODA Octavia 3
    • VW Golf 7
    • Porsche 911 with PCM 4
    • Porsche Macan with PCM 4
Technical changes and errors excepted.