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    Montag, 02. Juni 2014

    Axion AG! The official smartphone app is available! Keep up to date on all the latest news, photos, events and dates. Stay updated with push notifications. Of course, a smartphone is just a phone, so that by the touch of a button a connection can be established. This app is the direct line to us.

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Maximum safety and best entertainment on four wheels

AXION AG develops and markets advanced monitoring, fleet management and entertainment systems for vehicles of all kinds.
For more than 15 years the name AXION stands for mobile safety and perfect entertainment. Whether a private car, motor home, truck, construction vehicle or entire corporate fleet: AXION AG develops and markets high performance solutions for a wide variety of vehicle types and applications, as required, custom-tailored.

A significant improvement in safety thanks to an optimum overview, which is the main reason for the purchase of an optical monitoring system of AXION. The customer gets a wide range of rear view and side surveillance cameras and systems for indoor infrastructure monitoring or recording products to choose from. All systems have one thing in common: They make the driver's workplace safer by improving his overview and protect the driver and the vehicle alike. So this is an important aspect in times denser traffic flows the drivers is exposed to. The AXION cost-benefit ratio of our solutions will convince you. The purchase price is very low compared to the financial consequences a private person or a company really faces, if a crash happens. A quick reset and you're your own or another vehicle, in extreme cases a person could be affected. An unpleasant situation, which quickly becomes a cost trap - for companies not only because of the associated downtime for the damaged vehicles. All easily avoidable by installing an Axion rear view system. More safety with a small investment.

AXION customers must not abandon high class multimedia entertainment when they are on the road. Long-forgotten the time it was pure luxury, since many people spend more and more on four or more wheels on business trips or with family. The offerings range from DVD, video to MP3 systems or to incredible sharp digital television (DVB-T). In close coordination with the respective vehicle manufacturers our entertainment solutions are all designed to integrate with the onboard GPS system. From private cars up into the cab of a truck - AXION provides the full range of high quality entertainment with real experience factor.

Even the AXION service meets the highest standards and provides maximum value. A team of experienced and trained technicians are maintaining your entire company fleet and install or repaire on request all components at the customer site. The advantage: expensive downtime of vehicles will be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Whether initial or retrofit - the AXION AG is the competent partner which provides the perfect solution for really everybody. And when will you talk to us?


IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2016

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Besuchen Sie uns auf der IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2016 in Hannover
vom 22.-29. September

Halle 13    Stand A33


GreenID LED Lösungen

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icon GreenID Flyer 2016

Hier finden Sie aktuelle Informationen zu unserem professionellem LED Programm.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auch in unserem AXION Katalog 2016.


AXION Konfigurator

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Mit Hilfe unseres Online Konfigurators können Sie einfach und bequem die passende Lösung für Ihren PKW zusammenstellen und anfragen. Gerne nennen wir Ihnen auf Wunsch auch einen Fachhandelspartner in Ihrer Region. Hier geht es zum Konfigurator!

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