... for more safety, overview and efficiency!

AXION offers customized camera solutions with professional construction and durability for all kinds of applications.

The versatility assortment of AXION rear view camera systems meets almost all requirements. We offer an individual solution for a greater all-round view.

Axion rear view camera systems stands for ruggedness and durability. We convince with brilliant optimized image display at daylight, backlight or in the dark.

Safety first! – AXION products as a perfect solution
Traffic becomes closer and drivers have to consider more things. Our systems are made to facilitate work for driver and all the persons concerned.

Get a better overview – stay up to date with AXION products! Whether if trucks, RV vehicles, coaches, trains or agriculture machines etc. we ensure that you keep the overview and have an efficient surveillance and documentation.

Surveillance - Having your vehicles under control with AXION products.

You want to know where your vehicle is located?

You want to redirect your driver or get alarmed in case of a theft? We offer easy and professional solutions.

AXION offers cameras, mobile recording and tracking for all applications. Individual scheduling and implementation with professional partners...


Fehlende Heckscheiben und/oder eine stark eingeschränkte Sichte beim Rückwärtsfahren sowie die größeren Toten-Winkel rund um das Fahrzeug, stellen für den Fahrer Belastungen dar. Durch den Einsatz von AXION Sicherheitslösungen tragen positiv zur Prävention von Schäden und der Entlastung der Fahrer bei.


The working place in a truck provides many challenges for the driver and entrepreneur. AXION safety assistance solutions are specialized for trucks.


Maintaining the overview is a central topic by working with fork lifts , especially when large loads obscure the view.


There are a lot of potential hazards for disposal vehicles by driving them through residential areas or for these ones which are moving around the city during the rush-our.


When every second counts - our solutions can help you to keep the overview and also to make the right decisions.


Unclear areas and operations at agricultural work and also forestry work can be easily overlooked with AXION cameras.


A safe vehicle fleet facilitates the maintenance and the care of the public area.


Protection of the driver or to avoid vandalism and violence against passengers and drivers - these topics are all reasons for the use of our systems.