Radios & DAB+

Convenient, fail-safe, self-explaining

The new Axion radio concept bringst he functionality, which you miss at the most radios.
The Axion full-Din front design allows the ideal handling. Big, convenient handling keys – ideal in the commercial vehicle and the automobile area. The logical and self-explaining control makes the product user friendly. A big lcd display makes the control easier and constitutes the information good readable. The integrated bluetooth speakerphone supports safety phone calls during the trip. DAB+ digital radio brings digital radio enjoyment in the vehicle. Let us show you the different versions.

  • Convenient, fail-safe and self-explaining products
  • Stable products for the automotive section, which get all required approvals
  • The products get all of the modern “ State of the Art “ functions
  • The products are not overloaded with gadgetry which complicated the handling