Travel-, long distance and scheduled buses

Solutions and Application Examples

Travel, long distance and scheduled buses

The use of local public transport and long-distance buses is becoming increasingly popular.Therefore, it`s important to ensure safety.

The driver is constantly expected to have a high concentration and qualification - but the behavior of the passengers is often not beneficial.
Our solutions are designed to make travelling safer for drivers, passengers and vehicles. A safe navigation specially adapted for the requirements of buses in combination with rear view cameras supports the driver. Similar to monitoring in public areas, cameras and digital recording can be used to increase the subjective sense of security by passengers and the driver and also for the use to clear up an accident. By using cameras it`s difficult for criminals to do vandalism or attack other people, because the clearing with cameras are quickly and reliably.

The following problems occur in everyday life:

  • Accidents by turning maneuvers while driving backwards
  • Turn-around accidents by pedestrians and cyclists who get lost in the "Blind Spot"
  • Personal injury is the result of not enough overview
  • Violent attacks on passengers and drivers
  • Vandalism

Axion offers the following solutions for trucks:

  • 360 degree round - vision systems
  • Rear view video systems
  • Rear view Cameras
  • Connection to the original audio / video system of the bus
  • Cameras which support mobile recording
  • Professional radio solutions
  • Navigation with special attributes for buses
  • Door surveillance and panoramic cameras
  • Monitors for passenger information and entertainment
  • Video solutions such as DVD & DVB-T
  • Mobile Internet for the passengers

Your advantage by using our solutions:

  • Prevention against accidents and damage
  • Reduced accident risk and possible savings by insurances
  • Discharge for entrepreneurs and workers
  • Perception as a modern company, which invests in the increase of safety and efficiency.
  • Cost savings

5 reasons why you have to choose an AXION solution:

  • Best performance and quality for more than 20 years of experience
  • Flexible and easy retrofitting thanks to smart system solutions
  • Qualified consulting and product support by our technology
  • DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Sales partners and fitters in whole Europe