Rear View Cameras

Once driving backwards against a wall, a fence or – more fatal – knock over a human being the expense is much higher as the investment into an AXION quality rear view camera system.
For truck drivers the surveillance of the blind spot or a side camera can help to avoid damage. Drivers are often alone on the way and they have to drive backwards without assistance.
With AXION cameras the risk can be definitely reduced. This avoids expensive off-time of man and machine. 
In buses and public transportation is done a lot of damage by vandalism. Cameras have a preventing function and the recording helps to identify the offender.
With AXION Cameras you can see at nearly any point of unclear construction machines. The same applies to agricultural vehicles or to the use of fork lifts.
Cameras for monitoring the back space behind the vehicle enable the operator to inspect the area that cannot be seen the side mirrors and this facilitate the shunting and the approach to loading ramps, etc. So also persons or obstacles can be detected early.


What is the right camera for my application? 
AXION cameras are available in different opening and viewing angles. Depending 
on the desired mounting position and on the required field of view it is important 
to make the right choice.We would be happy to assist you.