Rettungs- und Einsatzfahrzeuge müssen schnell am Ort des Geschehens eintreffen - Hier liefern die Produkte von Axion bestmögliche Unterstützung für die Fahrer und Mannschaft.


Lesen Sie den gesamten Bericht in der LEITSTELLE (Kuhn Fachverlag)

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Über 1.000 Leser der Fachzeitschrift busplaner (Huss Verlag) haben die AXION Abbiegeassistenten zum Sieger in der Kategorie Assistenzsysteme des busplaner Innovationspreis 2022 gewählt.

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AXION NIK Solutions


AXION produces in modern factories, certified according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949. Our products are tested and certified according to statutory provisions and if required E-Mark and CE. We always want to offer our customers high quality by constant quality checks.


The customer service is top priority at AXION. In our many years of activity the qualified support is firmly anchored into the corporate culture even beyond the purchase of the product.
We know that we can only be successful in the long term, if we help our customers with their problems. Therefore, this is where our strengths are because we help quickly, competently and efficiently.


We project retrofitting and OEM solutions in vehicle monitoring (indoor and outdoor), recording, navigation, internet connectivity, etc. In cooperation with our customers, manufacturers, fl eet operators, local authorities, etc. we design for vehicles in almost every execution solutions the optimal equipmen.We are looking forward to your inquiries and challenges.