Around Vision Systems

Sudden obstacles or people and close space conditions while maneuvering are the natural enemies of every driver in traffi c. With the AXION AVS-360° solutions we tackle this problem to provide greater clarity!

  • One look – 360° vehicle environment
  • Easy to install
  • Individual calibration to your vehicle
  • Easy to use & understand
  • Relieves the driver and saves costs

Trips with transport vehicles in urban traffic are associated with increased risks of accidents due to limited sight on turning maneuvers. Parked cars, narrow streets and pedestrians hinder further. These dangerous situations cannot be completely prevented by the use of conventional camera systems and vehicle mirrors, blind spots continue to emerge. This applies, for example, to a large extent for waste disposal und cleaning vehicles.
Therefore we have developed the AVS-360°, a comprehensive security concept that reduces dramatically the every-day risk potentials. The innovative system provides the driver with an all-round view of the vehicle from a bird´s perspective. The application of four wide-angle cameras, that show the vehicle from above by a special image processing technology, prevents blind spots from occurring. The driver has the perfect overview in any situation.