Misfueling Diesel Engines – The Expensive Mistake!
SoloDiesel Prevents Engines from Being Misfueled

For a variety of reasons cars get misfueled every year: Gas pumps provide many different kinds of fuel, and seemingly identical marketing terms like “Ultimate” or “V-Power” for petrol as well as for diesel make it hard to fuel cars correctly. Even worse, pump noz-zles are often hard to distinguish from each other and fuel tanks are often insufficiently labeled. Finally, user error can also be a cause. In summary road assistance has to be required several thousand times a year to help with misfueled cars. Most of the time the only solution is to take an affected car in for service.

Accidentally Misfueling Petrol Instead of Diesel Can Cause Engine Damage in the Amount of Several Thousand Euros!

The SoloDiesel fuel cap by car accessory specialist AXION offers reliable protection from misfueling. After swapping an existing fuel cap for a car spe-cific SoloDiesel fuel cap, car owners can fuel their cars safely, fast, comfort-ably, and compliant with European standards.

Reliable and budget friendly: Car engine damages in the amount of several thousand Euros by misfueling can be reliably prevented through a purchase worth 49.90 Euros.

Practically every Diesel car can be equipped with a SoloDiesel protective fuel cap, including old and new diesel car models and even cars produced before 1980. Seven different SoloDiesel fuel cap types cover 95 percent of all diesel engine cars.