AXION’s strength are cameras for almost every automotive application. Our cameras are very robust and able to be operated under extreme temperature conditions. The systems are equipped with night-vision functions, easy to install and compatible to any AXION monitor. Another specialty are cameras with additional functions like Tilt-, TwinEye-, Shutter-, Pan-Functions. For any applications the matching model. With Blind-Spot, side-view camera, indoor camera or rear-view camera and perfect combinations with the Axion control-boxes and accessory range, almost every problem can be solved. Axion’s professional quality and its premier support assures a long period of use and satisfied customers.

  • Rear View Cameras

    Avoid damages = Safes costs

    Once driving backwards against a wall, a fence or – more fatal...

  • Mini-Cameras

    compact, dependably, efficient, inconspicuous and easy to install

  • Front- & Side Cameras

    control the blind spot of the side and front area

  • Transporter/Van Cameras

    Precision and comfort at switching with series optics

  • Indoor Cameras

    vandalism safe indoor cameras with high prevention effect

  • Special Solutions

    Special applications require professional solutions