Interface to retrofit a rear-view camera for AUDI vehicles with MMI3G / MMI3G+ systems


The interface MI5-MMI3G-PNP allows to retrofit 2 cameras(front and rear-view camera) to the original system of the manufacturer.
The connection of the interface is "Plug & Play"- there is no need to modificate the original vehicle wiring harness.

    • Own on-screen display for setting changes
    • Dynamic parking lines
    • Rear view camera input
    • Automatic switching to rear view camera input when engaging reverse gear from all operating modes
    • Front camera input
    • Manual switch to rear view camera possible (only for vehicles with PDC button)
    • 2 switching outputs (+12V max. 1A), separately adjustable switching criteria (CAN, ignition, camera, reverse gear)
    • Compatible with all factory video applications (e.g. rear view camera, TV tuner)
    • USB update port for software updates by the end user
  • Working current <0,1mA
    Rated current ~190mA
    Power consumption ~2,6W
    Voltage working range 10.5V up to 14.8V
    Operation temperature -30°C up to +80°C
    Weight 208 g
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 103 x 30 x 105 mm


    • Interface box
    • Plug & Play - cable set
    • 2 x LVDS cable
    • Operating instructions
  • Audi with MMI Navigation (Plus) 7" or 8" - MMI3G High and Basic, MMI3G+, no RMC HU's:

    • A4 (8K) from 05/2009 to 08/2015
    • A5 (8T) from 11/2008 to 06/2016
    • A6 (4F) from 08/2008 to 03/2011
    • A6 (4G) from 04/2011 to 09/2014
    • A7 (4G) from 07/2010 to 05/2014
    • A8 (4E) from 09/2008 to 03/2010
    • A8 (4H) from 03/2010-
    • Q5 (8R) from 11/2008 to 2017
    • Q7 (4L) from 05/2009 to 03/2015
Technical changes and errors excepted.