BULLPRO SPECTRUM LED Work Reversing Light 24W

1603-300231 LED Work Reversing Light

4x6 Watt BULLPRO SPECTRUM LED universal worklight with wide light distribution, approved as rear light.

  • - Waterproof DT plug

    - R23, R10, CE, RoHS approval

    - Thermal control: automatic cooling when lamp temperature exceeds 75°C


    Estimated installation time: 1 hour

  • Consumption24W
    Lumen3.600 (theoretical)
    Lumen2.750 (measured)
    Light colour5,000K
    Voltage9-32V DC
    Current1.73A @ 13.7V
    Protection classIP68
    Operating temperature-40 to +85°C
    Dimensions70x70x41 (mm.)
    Height with bracket83 mm.


    2 years warranty

Technical changes and errors excepted.