SAE LED work reversing light 15W/25W

1603-300370 LED work reversing light

Combined work lights approved as R23 rear lights with 5x5W Osram LED diodes.



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  • description

    When the light is mounted as a rear light, it is important to connect the green cable together with the blue cable to ground. (only the 15W installation is approved for the rear of the vehicle).


    - Wide light distribution, 60

    - 500mm. 3-pole DT plug

    - Can be connected as both 25W and 15W. Only 15W systems are rear approved (AR), R23/R10


     Estimated installation time: 1 hour

  • specifications
    Consumption 25W / 15W
    Lumen 1,000 (theoretical)
    Lumen 500 (measured)
    Light colour 6,000 Kelvin
    Protection class IP68
    Voltage 9-36V
    Operating temperature -40° to +85°C
    Lifetime 50,000 hours
    Dimensions 139x45x72mm


    5 years warranty

Technical changes and errors excepted.