W-light LED light strip 60W without holder

1605-NS3841 LED light strip

This extremely thin light strip has a frameless design and is the perfect choice for narrow and discreet installations, e.g. on the radiator grille.

  • Thanks to the cost-effective solutions, the light bar offers the best value for money and is an excellent alternative to high beams on a low budget. Mounting options include floor, ceiling and side brackets so the module can be mounted on either side

    - Housing made of die-cast aluminium

    - Vibration and shock resistant

    - Polycarbonate lens and viewing window

    - Stainless steel bracket

    - 2.2 m cable + 2-pole DT plug

    - Approvals: R112, Ref. 30, R10


    Estimated installation time: 1 hour

  • Consumption 60W
    Lumen 5,040 (theoretical)
    Lumen 3,963 (measured)
    Light colour 5,000K
    Voltage 10-32V DC
    Current 3.4 A @ 13.7 V
    Illumination type flood
    Protection class IP67
    Operating temperature -40° to +85°C
    Dimensions 360x32.5x70 (mm.)
Technical changes and errors excepted.