Navigation Integration Solutions

NIK Solutions
Navigation Integration KITs (Retrofitting-Kits)

Some car makers like e.g. Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW already deliver a big number of their car with a LCD display, even there is no original navigation ordered with the car. Especially for this combination of an OEM radio with a separate display there is often no retrofitting solution from the factory available.
With AXION’s NIK (Navigation Integration KIT) we can off er the perfect solution for these vehicles.
The NIK systems allow the user to retrofit a navigation in cars which come with an OEM radio and monitor but without OEM navigation. The installation does not even require to change the original radio. The Navigation picture can easily be switched on the original monitor by pressing a specific button, e.g. on the steering-wheel or by an external switch.
The navigation control now is possible with the included RF Touch-Pad controller or by touch-screen, which can be optional added on the original screen.
Beside the navigation the systems offer various optional Accessories like Wifi / Internet, Rearview Camera, DTV, DVD, TMC, etc.