Safety Against Misfuelling


SoloDiesel is an invention to solve misfuelling troubles permanently.

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  • description

    SOLODIESEL is an invention to solve misfuelling troubles permanently!
    It’s the device that physically prevents entering a smaller diameter Petrol fuel nozzle into the larger Diesel fuel aperture.
    This fuel tank cap makes the refuelling of your diesel vehicle easier. No need to screw off the new SoloDiesel fuel tank cap-just insert the fuel nozzle in the aperture.
    The integrated flap closes after the refuelling procedure automatically. SOLODIESEL is reliable and complies to all fuel cap standards (ventilation, pressure opening, etc).

    • simple installation
    • no misfuelling with petrol-only diesel
    • easy handling once installed
    • no need to screw off the fuel tank cap-just refuel


     *There are a lot of different model typs - please check our vehicle list to find the right model for your car.*

     *You can find the vehicle list among "Compatibility" *

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    Solodiesel - Infoflyer (deutsch)


    Solodiesel - Bedienungsanleitung


    Solodiesel - Infoflyer II (deutsch & englisch)

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