Construction machinery / Construction vehicles

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Construction machinery/Construction vehicles

Inside a construction area, there is always a danger by construction machinery and other large vehicles.

Prevention of accidents - By limited visibility around the machines and vehicles, dead angles are created at various points around the equipment/vehicles. Contamination by dust and dirt as well as bad weather and darkness makes it more difficult for the machine operator to keep the overview.

This leads to the following problems:

  • Accidents caused by restricted visibility in the night (Fog, dust development, etc.)
  • Accidents behind the vehicle while driving backwards caused by the "dead angle"
  • Personal injury, caused by carelessness or noisy surroundings inside the construction area, for example vehicles with back-up alarm can`t be heard by the person who enters the working area of the machine and in this moment the driver isn`t able to notice him.
  • Damages at other vehicles and machinery or even buildings caused by limited visibility around the machine.

Axion offers the following solutions for trucks:

  • 360° round - vision systems
  • Rear view video systems
  • Rear view Cameras
  • Rear view mirror monitors
  • Connections and interfaces for manufacturer systems and navigation systems
  • Backalarm
  • Systems for monitoring the blind spot and side cameras
  • Resistant Radio Systems 12 V & 24 V
  • LED working lights

Your advantage by using our solutions:

  • Prevention against accidents and damage
  • Reduced accident risk and possible savings by insurances
  • Discharge for entrepreneurs and workers
  • Cost savings

5 good reasons for choosing an AXION solution:

  • Best performance and quality for more than 20 years of experience
  • Flexible and easy retrofitting thanks to smart system solutions
  • Qualified consulting and product support by our technology
  • DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Sales partners and fitters in whole Europe