VRM Bracket 150

Mirror Replacement Bracket for different Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota vehicles

  • Inside-Mirror Brackets for a safety installation of Rearview Mirror Monitors the series of VRM 43xx & VRM 7xxx. With these brackets the VRM-Rearview Mirror Monitors can be installed easily,quickly and safety instead of the original Rearview Mirror. To find out the right compatibility for your car, you have to dismount the original Rearview Mirror from the windshield.In the next step we can check the picture of the window and also the original Mirror-Stand against the figures of the several VRM-Brackets.

    • Peugeot 3008, MY.2017 with rain sensor
    • Peugeot Expert, MY.2017 with rain sensor (also for similar Citroen and Toyota models)
    • Peugeot 5008, MY.2017 with rain sensor
Technical changes and errors excepted.