Specific Vehicle Brackets

Flexible bracket system
Everything changes as you wish
The design of vehicle specific brackets let AXION VRM-series rearview mirror not only adjust all directions, multi-angle, but also can be easy to install on any vehicle.
We developed a variety of correspondingly adapter models to fit for global various vehicle , which is easy to be replaced and installed. The stable construction let you be calm even when you face various road conditions. AXION VRM-Series rearview mirrors will always be safety for you.

Rear View Mirror-Monitors

Your transporter, mobile home or other large capacity vehicle does not provide a free rear view? These are good reasons to visualize video im-ages of front- and rear-view cameras on the automobile rear view mirror! The intuitive glance in the rear view mirror provides all information you need for safe parking and maneuvering of the car. The driver's eyes follow the intuition and there is no additional space in the vehicle occupied by a monitor.

  • Specific Vehicle Brackets

    Safety attachment without to lose the original look. Available for many vehicles.