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Clever Guides know where to go!

The intuitive state-of-art navigationsoftware with various functions makes using it to be real fun. With a map coverage of 44 European countries, 32 available languages as well as more features like 3D landmarks & city models, lane guidance with real signposts a real junctions views, you are prepared for each journey.

Truck Navigation
A truck or a bus is up to 7x longer, double as wide, triple as high and 20x more heavy than a normal car. You will know this, but does your navigation care?
Our Navigation will care!
The AXION Truck-Navigation software is using a special truck data content. By setting the vehicles parameters like length/ height/ width/ weight/ axels/ trailer/ hazardous goods, you will get an optimized routing for your type of vehicle and the navigation will avoid for truck closed roads, to narrow passages, to low bridges, etc. Also settings like avoiding the use of Maut-roads, bridges, ferries and tunnels the driver can set.
A special Bus-profile:
by choosing this setting the navigation will drive in the Bus Mode and enables a safe navigation, e.g. also in cities, where a normal truck-navigation software won’t be able to help.
Further Highlights:

  • Truck specific POIs
  • Tour-Editor for planning Tracks with several stops
  • Pause and loading times for a proper trip planning and to monitor the legal driving times.
  • Navigation Integration Solutions

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    Navigation Integration KITs