360° HD panoramic view system with 7" monitor

AVS-360°-M-HD Design DoublebirdHD360

The AVS-360° HD Monitor Kit is specially designed for use in camper, etc.

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  • description

    AVS-360°-M-HD Design DoublebirdHD360
    Enhanced HD version of the proven AVS-360° solution with extremely sharp and high-contrast images.

    With more than 7 years of experience in the field of 360° all-round vision, we are pleased to offer you the new HD generation of our AVS-360° solutions under the label "DOUBLEBIRD 360° HD".

    The consequent development of the strengths of our AVS-360° solutions combined with the latest available camera technology in HD resolution will inspire you.
    This enables us to produce extremely sharp and high-contrast images, smooth animated changes of view modes and an even faster, more precise and easier calibration.

    The AVS-360° Doublbird HD system with 7" monitor is especially designed for use in large vehicles, such as campers, etc.


    HD all-round vision complete system, consisting of:

    • 7" (17.8cm) LCD-TFT monitor, control box, 4 wide-angle colour cameras incl. monitor stand and connection cables
    • 2 possible camera variants: Ball camera DBC 1240202B / Design DBC 1240201 M
    • Easy to install and connect (Plug & Play)
    • Suitable for 12 V and 24 V use
    • Approvals: ECE-R10, CE, ROHS


    • High-resolution 7" digital monitor (16:9) in vertical orientation
    • Day/night sensor for automatic adjustment
    • Colour system: PAL/NTSC automatic


    • Robust wide-angle colour cameras
    • Wide viewing angle
    • Protection class IP68
    • High light sensitivity

    Control box:

    • 4 CH Image inputs
    • 1 CH Image output
    • Colour system: PAL/NTSC automatic

    Special accessories (optional):

    • Spare camera DBC 1240202 B (ball camera)
    • Spare camera DBC 1240201 M (Mini Design Camera)
    • GPS receiver for speed signal
  • downloads

    AVS-360°-M-HD Design Doublebird HD - Datenblatt

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