360° HD panoramic view system with turn-assist-system

iAVS-360°-HM7-HD Mini DoublebirdHD

360° HD panoramic view system with integrated turn-assist-system

The iAVS-360° HD Monitor Kit is specially designed for use in large vehicles such as buses, trucks, campers, waste disposal vehicles, etc.

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  • description

    iAVS-360°-HM7-HD Mini DoublebirdHD with integrated turn-assist-system
    Enhanced HD version of the proven AVS-360° solution with extremely sharp and high-contrast images.

    With over 7 years of experience in the field of 360° all-round vision, we are pleased to offer you the new HD generation of our iAVS-360° solutions under the label "DOUBLEBIRD 360° HD".

    The consistent further development of the strengths of our iAVS-360° solutions combined with the latest available camera technology in HD resolution will inspire you.
    This enables us to produce extremely sharp and high-contrast images, smooth animated changes of view modes and an even faster, more precise and easier calibration.

    The iAVS-360° Doublbird HD system with 7" monitor is especially designed for use in large vehicles such as buses, trucks, campers, waste disposal vehicles, etc.

    The panoramic image is displayed in two parts:

    • Left side 1/3: shows the 360° panoramic view from the bird's eye view
    • Right side 2/3: shows a situation-dependent 3D view of the respective driving modes

    The fusion between our AVS-360°HD and the technology from the AXION ICA Turn-Assist enables us to offer a combination of these two leading systems with the iAVS360°.
    Depending on the driving situation, the system monitors the right or left side of the vehicle (as well as the front of the vehicle when the vehicle is at a standstill) and gives out a warning if dangerous situations occur.

    HD all-round vision complete system with integrated turn-assist-system, consisting of:

    • 7" (17.8cm) LCD-TFT monitor, control box, 4 wide-angle colour cameras incl. monitor stand, 2 warning LEDs and connection cables
    • Powerful and compact mini camera DBC 1240204 M
    • Image display HD resolution - 720p
    • Easy to install and connect (Plug & Play)
    • Suitable for 12 V and 24 V use
    • Approvals: ECE-R10, CE, ROHS


    • High-resolution 7" digital monitor (16:9) in horizontal orientation
    • Day/night sensor for automatic adjustment
    • Colour system: PAL/NTSC automatic


    • Robust wide-angle colour cameras
    • Wide viewing angle
    • Protection class IP68
    • High light sensitivity

    Control box:

    • 4 CH Image inputs
    • 1 CH Image output
    • Colour system: PAL/NTSC automatic

    Special accessories (optional):

    • GPS receiver for speed signal
  • downloads

    iAVS-360°-HM7-HD Mini DoublebirdHD - Datenblatt

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