Turn Assist System

Turning accidents due to the "blind spot"

Especially in conurbations, it is a regularly recurring accident scenario:
A truck turns right and hits an unprotected road user who was trying to move straight ahead. In most cases the victims are cyclists, but sometimes also pedestrians, inline skaters, etc. In most cases the accident victims are run over by the truck. It goes without saying that this results in the most severe, very often fatal injuries.

"In turning accidents between trucks and cyclists/pedestrians 71 people died and 723 were seriously injured, according to the accident research of the insurers (UDV) according to figures for 2012."

The view from the driver's cab of the truck is very limited. Cyclists, pedestrians and especially children are easily overlooked by the driver with serious consequences for life and health.

Our solutions help to protect lives!

AXION ICA Turn Assist solutions help prevent accidents

Traffic situations where an AXION Turning Assistant can support you

When turning right

The cyclist rides on the carriageway next to the truck at a distance of 0-2 m

When passing

The truck overtakes a cyclist and sees in the camera the situation next to the vehicle.

When changing lanes

The truck wants to change lanes and other vehicles thread in from behind.

When turning right

The cyclist rides on a cycle path beside the road at a distance of 2-5 m

When turning right

The cyclist rides on a cycle path next to the road at a distance of 2-5 m. Visibility is partially obscured by parked vehicles.