Truck turn-assist-system

ICA-Turn Assist AAS Set1

BMVI conformal turn-assist-system with ABE. Eligible version.

  • Turn-assist-system with ABE - BMVI conform

    Collisions of commercial vehicles with cyclists and pedestrians are among the most serious accidents, especially for weaker road users. Around 60 percent of all serious truck-bike accidents could be avoided by Turn-assist-system, according to calculations by the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) based on its accident database.
    In compliance with the requirements for Turn-assist-systems by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), AXION offers two versions of the Turn-assist-systems.

    • AXION ICA-Turn Assist AAS Set 1
    • AXION ICA-Turn Assist AAS Set 2 (with Steering angle sensor)

    Following successful technical testing by the DEKRA Technical Testing Centre, both variants now have a General Operating License (ABE) from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). This means that AXION ICA-Turn Assist systems can now be subsidised by the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) under the "Turn-assist-systems AAS" subsidy programme.

    The ABE was issued independently of the vehicle type, but the following range of use is defined:
    Commercial vehicles of category N2 and N3 and buses (M2 & M3) with more than 9 seats including driver's seat, which meet the following installation conditions. The system must be completely installed on the vehicle in which the driver receives the warning.

    • The camera must be positioned within the distance of min. 0.2 m - max. 6.0 m from the front edge of the vehicle.
    • The minimum mounting height is 2.0 m.
    • The maximum mounting height is 4.0 m.
    • Further details are described in the instructions.

    The turn-assist-system (AAS) is a camera-based system consisting of a side camera for observing the monitored area, a monitor for displaying the camera image and an ECU (control unit), which evaluates the information in the camera image using an intelligent software algorithm and triggers a warning in the event of defined dangerous incidents.


    The camera of the ICA system detects the area next to the vehicle and monitors an area next to the vehicle defined during the installation during the turning process.
    The ICA-Turn Assist system uses a software-based algorithm to detect movements in this area which are classified as defined as dangerous and warns the driver both optically and acoustically by changing the colour of the monitored area in the monitor from green on red, and acoustically via the included buzzer.

    The system is permanently active at least in the recommended speed range of 0-30 km/h.

    As an option, it is also possible to warn the driver by means of the ICA-WLED, a warning LED. We recommend this as an accessory.

    ICA-Turn Assist AAS Set1 consists of:

    • ICA-Control-Box
    • 1 x front/side camera
    • 10m camera line  
    • CRV 7005M Monitor

    Optional accessories:

    ICA-WLED LED warning indicator for mounting on the A-pillar
    AVS-Controler Control unit for adjusting the system during installation
    Rear view camera various AXION models possible
  • ICA-B2CH Control Box:

    Video-Input 2
    Video-Output 1
    Video-Output Formats PAL/NTSC(Auto)
    Power supply 12/24 V
    Power consumption <15W
    Operating Temperature -40°C to + 85° C
    Protection class IP68
    Dimensions 170(L) x 120(W)x40(H)mm
    Weight 497 g


    DBC 1140202B (150°) Camera:

    Image typ 1/4 " color CCD
    Resolution(pixels) PAL:752(H)*582(V)
    Lens 150° (horizontal) 1.61mm, F2.5
    9 pcs LED for night vision >8m
    Horizontal resolution 600 TV-Lines
    Protection class IP 68
    Synchronization Internal
    Signal to noise ratio >46dB(AGC off)
    Power supply DC12 V
    Power consumption <2.5 W
    Operating temperature range -30°C to + 70° C
    Storage temperatur range -40°C to + 80° C
    Dimesnions 85(L)*78(W)*97(D)MM
    Weight 235 g


    CRV 7005M Monitor:

    Monitor 7 inch
    Resolution 1152000 pixels
    Brightness 500 cd/m2
    Visual angle r/l :80°/80° , u/d: 40/60 °
    Mirror-Function yes
    Video-System PAL / NTSC
    Day/Night sensor yes,sensor
    Built-in speakers yes
    Video-Input 2x AXION 4p DIN
    Trigger 2
    Power supply 12/24 V
    Operating temperature range -20 °C bis + 70 °C
    Storage temperature range -30 °C bis + 80 °C
    Guide-Lines yes
    OSD (User-Manuel) 7 languages
    Power-On mode yes
    Protection class IP 54
    Dimensons (WxHxD) 200x115x29 mm
    Weight approx 400 g
    Certification ECE-R10
  • ICA-Turn Assist Flyer


    ABE ICA Turn Assist AAS


    AXION ICA Turn Assist Zubehör Flyer

    ICA Turn Assist Zubehör Flyer für AXION Abbiegeassistenten

Technical changes and errors excepted.

AXION ICA Turn Assist solutions help prevent accidents

Traffic situations where an AXION Turning Assistant can support you

When turning right

The cyclist rides on the carriageway next to the truck at a distance of 0-2 m

When passing

The truck overtakes a cyclist and sees in the camera the situation next to the vehicle.

When changing lanes

The truck wants to change lanes and other vehicles thread in from behind.

When turning right

The cyclist rides on a cycle path beside the road at a distance of 2-5 m

When turning right

The cyclist rides on a cycle path next to the road at a distance of 2-5 m. Visibility is partially obscured by parked vehicles.